Internally, passenger, crew and machinery spaces aboard the Queen Mary were accommodated across twelve decks; Cabin-class public rooms were located on the Promenade Deck with cabins on Main, A and B-Deck. Tourist class accommodation was found towards the stern of the ship and Third-class accommodation, forward, towards the bow. Step aboard the RMS Queen Mary in this Virtual Tour and move around the exterior decks and surviving interior spaces of the Queen Mary, deck by deck descending from the Sports Deck to H-Deck. Start your Virtual Tour using the link below. The Virtual Tour will open in a new window. To begin, choose a deck by clicking on one of the twelve buttons below the outline of the Queen Mary. Each deck plan is labelled showing the key areas of the ship. Labels that are in bold italic text link to a page about that location. Select a location and a new page loads showing your chosen location. Use the left and right arrows to scroll between photographs. Click the following link to start your RMS Queen Mary Virtual Tour.