The Queen Mary was a virtual floating city, travelling between Southampton and New York. Her passenger and machinery spaces were accommodated across twelve decks with cabin-class public rooms located on the promenade deck and cabins on Main, A and B-deck. Tourist class accommodation was found towards the stern of the ship, with third-class accommodation located forward towards the bow. Public rooms installed aboard the Queen Mary included dining saloons for all classes, with the cabin-class dining saloon measuring 552 feet in length and extending the full width of the ship. Elsewhere accommodation included libraries, a children's playroom, cabin and tourist-class swimming pools, a gymnasium, smoking rooms in all classes, a garden lounge in third-class, staterooms and twelve cabin-class private suites on Main Deck. The story of life onboard the Queen Mary, throughout her service and retirement, still presents many fascinating and interesting facts. Click the following link to learn more facts about the RMS Queen Mary.