In 1936, the new Cunard-White Star liner Queen Mary was the largest passenger ship in the world, 1019½ feet long, 118 feet high and 181 feet high, with a draught of 39 feet. Her physical dimensions exceed that of many of the modern cruise ships that regularly sail from Southampton, including today's Cunard cruise ships Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. By 1947, following her post-war refit, she had reached a 81,237 gross tonnage, compared to the 90,000 gross tonnage of the new Cunard Queens. Her service speed of 28 knots and her Blue Riband record speed of 31.69 knots, over 36 mph, eclipses every cruise ship in service today. The Queen Mary was built to carry 776 cabin-class, 784 tourist-class and 579 third-class passengers served by 1,101 officers and crew, a number far smaller than today's cruise ships. These statistics are amongst many about the Queen Mary which provide a fascinating insight into her design, build and service. Click the following link to discover more figures and statistics about the RMS Queen Mary.