Pool The Cabin Class pool isn't filled with water as the Long Beach conversion damaged its structure Food On a typical voyage the Queen Mary carried 60,000 eggs and 6 tons of fresh fish Conversion Her Long Beach conversion was a disaster for her historic and structural integrity shoreside She is reliant on shoreside services for power, water and sanitation after the Long Beach conversion
Whistle The Queen Mary's whistle on her forward funnel is sounded each day at 10am, noon, 3pm and 6pm Haunted Tales of ghosts aboard the Queen Mary only began long after she arrived in Long Beach Grey Ghost As a troop ship the Queen Mary was painted grey, earning the nickname 'The Grey Ghost' Tyfon The Tyfon whistle (siren) from the second funnel is now on the Cunard flagship Queen Mary 2
Wood 56 different kinds of wood veneers were used throughout her Art Deco style interiors Largest The Queen Mary is the world's longest and largest preserved, retired passenger liner Art Deco Leading exponents of Art Deco design were commissioned to produce her interiors Funnels Her original funnels were cut up at Long Beach and replaced with smaller aluminium imitations
Staterooms Only her Cabin (First) Class Staterooms survive following her Long Beach conversion Waterline The Queen Mary was the first ship to have a waterline length over 1000 feet Deck space The Queen Mary had three acres of deck space for passengers to enjoy whilst at sea Lease The Queen Mary's lease has passed through many operators, yet none has made her a success
K6 Kiosk There are two original British red K6 telephone boxes (kiosks) aboard the Queen Mary Synagogue The first ocean liner designed with its own Synagogue for passengers of Jewish faith retirement The Queen Mary has spent longer in retirement at Long Beach than in commercial service GBTT The Queen Mary's radio callsign until retirement and then transferred to the new Cunard liner QE2
AEC Regent III Two AEC Regent III London red buses were carried on her stern decks to Long Beach Dining saloon The Cabin Class Dining Saloon was the largest room aboard measuring 552ft long by 118 ft wide Carpet The Queen Mary was reckoned to have six miles of carpet in her rooms and corridors Dog kennels The Queen Mary had its own dog kennels, just forward of the second funnel on the Sports Deck