QE2 News 16-10-2013

The QE2 Heritage Hotel website launches to consult on designs for the refurbishment of the QE2. Today, Oceanic Group Pte Ltd has officially launches a public website to share designs submitted by seven international design houses. On 17 July 2013 a Request for Proposal (RFP) was submitted to the seven companies for an "initial concept for the conversion of the QE2".

The seven design houses are Benoy, BG Studio, dSign Vertti Kivi Co, Jerde, Ong & Ong, Santarossa and Wilson Associates, with the general public able to comment on each of the design concepts on the QE2 Heritage Hotel website.

The concepts all suggest a radical reinterpretation of the QE2's interior spaces. All reflect the ambition of QE2 Holdings, the current owner of the QE2, to develop a luxury hotel, to be moored at an as-yet unamed Asian port.

The designs have already generated much discussion amongst QE2 enthusiasts. Anyone wishing to comment on the designs can do so by registering with the QE2 Heritage Hotel website. Regsitered users will then be eligible to win "A Trip to Dubai for QE2 Sail Out Party".

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